Who is Eric the Owl

Hi there, my name is Eric!

I first became interested in the law when I was just a young owlet. My father had been a lawyer, and so had his, so the legal profession was most definitely in the family. I studied with a wisdom of owls at night school (‘The Royal School for Ornithological Legal Studies ’) and learnt from some of the best Legal Eagles in the profession.

I joined Eric Robinson Solicitors (must have been fate to share the same name as the founder of the firm) in 2014 when the firm was celebrating its 50th birthday. To mark the occasion, and the fact that I was the first owl to ever be enrolled in a predominantly human law firm, one of my first, (and most unusual,) tasks at the firm was to model for a celebratory Golden Anniversary mascot.

After numerous public appearances over the summer, I became somewhat of a celebrity. People started recognising me wherever I went, asking for models and even took them on holiday!

So now I have been given the role of ‘Firm Ambassador’ to make sure everyone understands how best to manage the legal aspects of life and I am absolutely loving it. I really enjoy meeting people and always remember what my father used to tell me, ‘Never scowl, never growl, just be an owl!’

Having a wife, two owlets of my own and parents that will need looking after in the future, I understand that whether moving house or making a will, you really need to understand what is going on and that’s my job.

You could say Eric Robinson Solicitors has put an owl in the heart of its knowledge!

Anyway, I hope you find my top tips on here useful, that you feel you can get in touch if you have any questions and that I get to see you at one of Eric Robinson Solicitor’s events.