Legal Terms

We wouldn’t be lawyers worth our salt without practising what we preach. So Ask Eric comes with a few terms and conditions:

  • While Ask Eric is open to most people, we (Eric Robinson solicitors) decide who may use it.

  • We may not be able to give you advice where it would create a conflict of interest for our firm (acting for you against another of our clients, for example). That doesn’t mean that we could never act for or against you in the future.

  • We have to restrict the time we spend dealing with telephone enquiries. It’s a bit like your GP allocating 10 minutes to a consultation. While that’s usually enough to deal with most queries, we know that some can take a little longer. In those more complex cases, we won’t simply hang up but we may decide that it’s appropriate to start charging for the extra time we’re spending with you. We will discuss this with you in detail before you become liable to pay anything.

  • Where legal work is required following the helpline query, we’ll give you a price for it beforehand. This doesn’t create any sort of obligation to use us. If you decide to instruct us, our standard terms and conditions will apply.

  • We will not charge you for any work unless you have already agreed the fee.

  • The nature of our telephone helpline is that it offers a quick route to legal guidance. It isn’t the same as sitting down with your solicitor, discussing all the facts and going through a file of papers. That being so, we do not accept liability in relation to the advice we offer under the terms of Ask Eric.

    We hope that you find Ask Eric to be an invaluable tool. Please let us know straight away if you are not satisfied with our service. Complaints should be addressed to Catherine Maxfield, Managing Partner of Eric Robinson solicitors on 02380 226891, or